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A super creative blog

I really like this guy’s blog – a clean, typographically-led design, and a wide range of interesting content. Check it out


Awesome infographic from the New York Times

Further to my previous post on how to create amazing infographics, this one from the NYT on Mens 100m Olympics winners through the ages is very cool. Note that it’s not that complex and doesn’t overload with data – it’s the simple animation and narration that add so much value, plus the clean design and use […]


Five key takeaways from Linklove Boston 2012

I attended the hugely enjoyable/valuable Linklove London a few weeks back, and wrote up (most of) my notes here. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the Boston event – my head might have exploded anyway. So I’m reading through the recap posted on organiser Distilled’s site, and I’m linking to it here almost as an […]


How to make amazing infographics

The web has been bursting at the seams with infographic bloat for about a year now. Sadly, the lion’s share of these ‘infographics’ are nothing more than link-bait garbage, some stats represented in Illustrator instead of Excel. But there’s WAY more to infographics  – just check out these bad boys. The first video, above, is […]


Linklove London 2012 – my notes

My notes from yesterday’s superb Linklove London 2012 conference, organised by SEO agency @distilled. First, a few points of order. One, there are (or there were) tickets still available for Monday’s Linklove Boston, so if you’re thinking about going, stop thinking and go. This was my first Linklove and it was everything I’d hoped it […]


How to get into Facebook’s OpenGraph

Wondering how to use Facebook’s OpenGraph on your site? You won’t be, after watching this excellent intro video from Mixcloud‘s Mat Clayton (@matclayton). If you’re slow to the party on this one, Facebook’s OpenGraph upgrades the old ‘Like’ button by allowing you to connect ‘objects’ (ie content) with ‘actions’ (eg ‘Read’ or ‘Listen’). So instead […]


Loving Novecento – new font from Synthview

Loving this new font Novecento, from Synthview, particularly the way it’s being presented on the site. Looking forward to using this as my first @font-face experiment, once I’ve downloaded the six free weights.


The History of Ferrari – a short film

A beautifully-designed video detailing the origins of Ferrari’s ‘Prancing Horse’.  


Digging into WordPress 3.3 and CMS Plugins

The excellent Digging into WordPress 3.3 is out. You can pick up your copy of this WordPress bible here for just $27 (currently available in pdf only, print version coming soon). Like a Christmas pet, purchases are for life, and give you access to all future updates. Meanwhile, to make space for this edition, this […]


Zuckerberg’s Hacker Way – 21st century bushido for business

Facebook’s impending IPO is obviously making a lot of waves right now. Getting less media attention is Mark Zuckerberg’s letter to shareholders, which accompanied the S-1 filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Zuckerberg’s letter starts on p67 and within it, on p69-70, can be found The Hacker Way. I’m no huge fan of […]


Gamification comes to the banking industry

Very interesting article here about gamification and it’s application in the banking industry, thanks to companies like Saveup.com (you have to be a US citizen to sign up). Unfortunately this is only for the average Joe in the street, not for investment bankers. So there’s no badges for the likes of Lehmann Brothers (‘We’re Taking […]


More Photoshop goodies from Dan Rose

The tumblr link-style post isn’t letting my link to danrose.me’s site work, so here it is again – if you’re into Photoshop, this site is definitely worth checking out.


Beautifully designed Photoshop tips site

Photoshop Etiquette – the do’s and don’ts of working with Photoshop, a beautifully designed site by Dan Rose.


The Lean Startup in London – what you missed

Author Eric Ries is the talk of the tech community right now, thanks to his new book ‘The Lean Startup’. Ries’s promotional tour took him to London over the last couple of weeks. But if, like me, you missed his talks at the London School of Economics, and @techhub (the office/event space at the heart […]


Super Bowl XLVI’s social media command center

Wow. “A team of strategists, analysts and techies will monitor the digital fan conversation via Facebook, Twitter and other platforms from a 2,800-square-foot space downtown. The station will open on Monday and run through Super Bowl XLVI on Feb. 5. The team will tweet directions to fans in search of parking, direct visitors to Indianapolis’s […]