Linklove London 2012 – my notes

Linklove London 2012My notes from yesterday’s superb Linklove London 2012 conference, organised by SEO agency @distilled.

First, a few points of order. One, there are (or there were) tickets still available for Monday’s Linklove Boston, so if you’re thinking about going, stop thinking and go. This was my first Linklove and it was everything I’d hoped it would be.

Secondly, so far I’ve found two posts of key points from yesterday, from Koozai and Zazzle Media. I’ve only scanned them, and I’m sure there are more out there, but I’m linking to these two because a) they are more journalistic wrap-ups (eg: they do link to the public presentations on Slideshare, which I’m not going to, because this post is just some of my personal notes), and b) this isn’t an exercise in curation.

Finally, I’ll prefix every speaker with his or her twitter handle, but you can find a bunch more of SEOs well worth the follow here: 30 Link Building Experts You NEED to Follow.

So with no further ado…

Rank Fishkin (@randfish)

Content marketing vs linkbuilding – worth seeing what Rand did in the build up to this event. I noticed at least two Slideshare uploads before the Friday morning, when he uploaded his deck for the day’s presentation, before he presented. Wonder if there’s method to this publishing frequency…

Understand your potential audience – who they follow, what they’re interested in, by using

…and keyword analysis

Great example of a content-driven community where you wouldn’t expect one. for (they sell scissors). – see what others are using to build their sites – excellent way to get bloggers to link to your content

Best way to use Q&As – write question, write your own answer on your blog, go back to the question and post a ‘BTW comment’ that you’ve written something new on the subject and link back to it.


Mike King (@iPullRank)

Now director of inbound marketing for (there’s your link Mike 😉

Studied 300k outreach emails to inform optimisation of process. It’s all in the deck


Rapportive (email plugin) great for finding content/social details of prospects (personally I’ve just started using Xobni/Smartr and recommend it).

Long emails – 1,000 character count – are the most effective.

Schedule emails to go out at night so they’re top of prospect’s inbox in the morning.

Continue past the fourth exchange of correspondence if you have to, keep going as long as you can without pissing the prospect off. High close rate at this end of the spectrum – you really know what they’re like and what they’re into.

Trust signals – don’t bother with adding your phone number, do add a logo for your company, and do add a link to your online profile.

Be part of the brand – have a email.

Definitely reach out with content – infographics work well, as do videos, but tailor it to the audience.


Branko Rihtman (@neyne)

Jane Copland (@jane_copeland)

Frankly, Koozai and Zazzle have much more interesting notes on Branko and Jane’s presentations than mine so go read theirs.


Worth mentioning SEO Tools for Excel by Niels Bosma

And Richard Baxter’s article on how to use them.


Wil Reynolds (@wilreynolds)

Really want the deck for this one – there was so much in it, and it moved so fast…

Using iGoogle to ‘stalk’ people (ie get influential people to connect to you on social networks) & RSS

RSS Chrome extension (RSS Subscription Extension) good resource (Plancast is another) for scraping data and images. – answer questions to people you want to follow you on subjects you’re familiar with.

Talked about using Google Analytics functions in Google Docs (probably better stuff on SEOMoz/Distilled but for now


Tom Anthony (@tomanthonyseo)

Tom didn’t actually say follow black hat forums, but he was talking about activity in these forums after Panda 3.3 update burnt a bunch of crappy links…

So note to self to follow more black hat forums for info.

Google has launched a new tool to show account activity

Use SEOMoz Link Intersect tool to discover sites that link to (more than one of) your competitors but not to you


Martin MacDonald (@searchmartin)

Build communities that you can leverage, by using:

Hijack other people’s communities, find an opportunity in a hot topic/debate, do a little research, supply the info into the community, build from there.

Excel Screaming Frog macro that will “probably be available on after 3 April.”

Attacat’s done a pretty good write up of Martin’s presentation

Scale link building by building CMS plugins – only has to be a widget, thousands of people will download.


Will Critchlow (@willcritchlow)

Again, better off reading Koozai and Zazzle Media, they have better notes from me.

© 2012, Alex Tanner. All rights reserved.

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  1. Steve in Birmingham May 28, 2013 at 8:43 pm #

    Great post Alex, thanks very much 🙂

    Got lots from it… I didn’t know the Google did an account activity report. So have ordered one of those!

    Also the link through to the top 30 link builders that you should follow on Twitter!


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