Five key takeaways from Linklove Boston 2012

Linklove London 2012I attended the hugely enjoyable/valuable Linklove London a few weeks back, and wrote up (most of) my notes here. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the Boston event – my head might have exploded anyway.

So I’m reading through the recap posted on organiser Distilled’s site, and I’m linking to it here almost as an exercise in curation. To add some value to you, dear reader, I’m also linking to the decks from the day, which can be found on this Linklove Boston 2012 Delicious stack (although you can also find a link for each deck after each wrap-up on the recap).

If, like me, you haven’t had time to go through the decks yet, and if, unlike me, you don’t have time to read the wrap post, here are my five key takeaways:

1) Gephi – a tool which visualizes the “nodes” of pages on a website that are well linked-to, so you can see where your competition thinks it’s worth building links to. (@justinrbriggs)

2) “Steal [linkbuilding ideas] from anywhere, everyone, and everything”. Maximize stealing from others by putting important people into custom Twitter lists. (@rosshudgens)

3) The entire write up from John Doherty’s (@dohertyjf) presentation on SEO Tools – just too many gems in there to pick one or two.

4) Search as a channel is starting to flatten out. Some sites can’t get any stronger, so it’s a battle of incremental gains at this point (or moving into other verticals of search). (@audette)

5) Instructographics (“a vertical representation of creative ideas or steps that guides the user to make it themselves), not infographics, are linkbait GOLD on Pinterest, which can drive thousands of visits to your site. (@colbyalmond)


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